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The business community has a wealth of skills, experience and a network of contacts that can help existing Early Years programmes reach even more children and make an even bigger difference. By getting involved in the Early Years businesses can and do changes lives and futures for the better.

Bedrock helps your business to:

Establish a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme built around the Early Years.

Engage with established Early Years services in your local community.

Build a strong ethical reputation and gain loyalty and respect from employees, customers and suppliers.

How does it work?

  • Use your skills and products

    From providing your employees skills, printing a bundle of flyers or designing a new website, to providing marketing or training advice. Your team has something to offer. Bedrock can help you along the way.

  • Make a difference days

    Provide practical, hands on support. From painting and decorating, to building sandpits or vegetable boxes. Make a Difference days will get your team working together to design and build the project of your choice. Bedrock will organise and run the day for you, allowing you to spend more time working on the project.

  • Partnership for change

    Provide support to an Early Years' service over the course of one year. A tailor-made annual plan will help ensure that your staff are able to get involved in a variety of ways. From donating skills and products and Make a Difference Days, to creating musical afternoons and Santa visits at Christmas. Bedrock will support your team, throughout the year to make a valuable contribution to the lives of children in your local community.

  • Case Study 01

    Cheeky Chompers and Stepping Forward Nursery

  • Case Study 02

    Bridge Systems and Treetop Family Nurture Centre

  • Case Study 03

    Dads Work Counselling Room

  • Businesses we have
    worked with

    Helpful and friendly staff at Bedrock – Sandy and Kirsty

    All necessary materials and tools supplied and all advice and assistance necessary from Bedrock

    Fulfilling and engaging afternoon and lots of good honest physical labour! Does the soul good! – Cheers

    Mark Shepherd

    The Law Society of Scotland
  • Truly fantastic afternoon with Bedrock working on outdoor play and gardening activities for the nursery school in Sighthill.  Hope the kids and staff will enjoy using these for years to come.  The Bedrock team are excellent – full of enthusiasm, encouragement and patience for us novices. Thanks Kirsty, Sandy and Rebecca!  Great sense of achievement seeing finished items. A real treat to be away from the desk for the afternoon and out doing something practical in the fresh air.  Big thanks also to the nursery staff for the warm welcome and lovely scones / juice / tea to keep us going!   


    The Law Society of Scotland
  • I thought the day was fantastic and it was amazing to see just how much we achieved in only an afternoon. It was inspiring to see the team work so well together. Everybody was delighted with the event and there has been a lot of praise for Kirsty, Sandy and Rebecca. I think it is important that we say thank you and show appreciation to them for showing us the ropes and ensuring it was such an enjoyable afternoon. Can’t wait for the next one!


    The Law Society of Scotland

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