Bedrock is a charity, established to support those already doing a fantastic job within the Early Years.

Early Years Practitioners

How does it work?

Bedrock realises that those working in the Early Years do a fantastic job, often in incredibly difficult circumstances with limited resources. We are here to support you, to do what you do best. We are well networked within the private business sector which has a vast array of talent, resources and a workforce that is keen to help. By linking the skills and expertise from the business community, with the knowledge and experience of those involved in the Early Years, we can help you achieve even more.

We will listen to you, understand your needs and try and help you by matching you to a local supportive business. Once introduced, you choose how you would like to work together. It's free and you remain in complete control. We can be on hand to support you, throughout the process.

  • Absolutely thrilled with the transformation that finally lets the comfy room live up to it name. From a quite frankly drab and unwelcoming room into a warm safe space for the dads to explore their feelings in therapy. When I heard we were getting a makeover I had expected a fresh lick of paint but Bedrock far exceeded my expectations and as I as well as my clients are absolutely delighted with the outcome. A huge thanks to the Bedrock Charity for their time and extremely hard work, from me a counsellor its hugely appreciated.

    Jo O'Donnell

    DadsWork Counsellor
  • I want to thank everybody who made this happen for us. Because of Bedrock our centre is a better place for the children and parents to come to. The experiences that they have in our centre is truly far more meaningful because of the resources that Bedrock/Vets Now have made possible. The team really value what you have done as the resources enhance our workplace making it a pleasure to work in. Please thank everyone for their contribution from all of the staff at Hailesland

    Moira McGachan

    Manager, Hailesland Early Years Centre
  • Staff from the Wireless Infrastructure Group came out to view the massive outdoor area and told us what they wanted to do. It tied in perfectly with our vision to create  a natural area for the children.

    The transformation is absolutely incredible and the parents can hardly believe it. The kids are having a ball in garden too and for them it’s like bringing a small version of Disneyland to Coatbridge.

    The Bedrock team provide an amazing service and we thank them and the Wireless Group for their help.

    Brendan Duffy

    Head Teacher, St Mary's Nursery Coatbridge
  • The day was absolutely fabulous and we were all completely overwhelmed by the generosity of all the volunteers that gave up their time. The children have already been using the garden and love it. We are able to give them problem-solving tasks by asking them to channel water using the water wall.

    Lesley Curran

    Head of Springvale Early Years Centre
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    Cheeky Chompers and Stepping Forward Nursery

  • Case Study 02

    Bridge Systems and Treetop Family Nurture Centre

  • Case Study 03

    Dads Work Counselling Room


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